About Union Roots to Know

Who has the duty to explain new health hazards in the workplace?

Who has the responsibility to monitor and mitigate known carcinogens in public places, i.e. RF emissions from 3G & 4G technologies?

How can we as a society claim to invest in prevention, if we do not include RF pollution as a root cause to chronic and injurious conditions?

The history of the labour movement in Canada and around the world is intrinsically linked to the struggle of health & safety protection at work and in our communities. As new hazards emerge, organized labour need to remain vigilant and actively wade through new information of probable root causes to serve its members and the Public Good.

Numerous scientific studies and public health reports show that complex pulse-modulated radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) emitting from 3G and 4G ‘smart’ technologies can be – and is – injurious to  health.

The union’s role is to assist members with factual health and safety information free of marketing spin, and blatant misinformation. At this time obfuscation is too often provided by industry funded reports, and rubber-stamped by many health authorities.

This blog is launched by public and private sector members in British Columbia and joins the groundswell of global activity for social justice to reduce RF emissions in our workplaces and living environments. Focal point is on public prevention and protection:

  • health & safety upgrade needed in Canada
  • decisions/resolve  to improve RF health standards
  • references & resources from the global community

Disclaimer: Union Roots to Know aims to verify posted information, but cannot be held responsible for omissions or what can be deemed as inadvertent misinformation. This disclaimer also includes all other liability based on information posted on this website or any other site to which this website is linked. No information should be construed as medical or legal advice. Hopefully this well be obtained from practicing and informed professionals.